Philadelphia Skateboarding Lessons

Lesson Locations

We have carefully selected these spots to provide a diverse and engaging skateboarding experience for our students. Whether you’re located in Center City, South Philly, or the surrounding neighborhoods, we have lesson locations near you.


Neighborhood Skateparks

Our lesson locations include some of the best neighborhood skateparks in Philadelphia. These parks feature a range of obstacles, from ramps and bowls to rails and ledges, catering to skaters of different skill levels. Each skatepark offers a unique environment for learning and practicing various skateboarding techniques.

City Plazas & Open Spaces

In addition to skateparks, we also utilize city plazas and open spaces for our lessons. These locations provide ample space for students to develop their skills and showcase their creativity. From bustling plazas to hidden gems, we make use of Philadelphia’s vibrant urban landscape to offer diverse and dynamic skateboarding lessons.

Safety & Accessibility

Safety First

Our priority is the safety of our students

Convenience and Ease

We understand the importance of accessibility for our students and their families.

Inclusive for All

We strive to make skateboarding accessible to everyone.

Peace of Mind

Our focus on safety and accessibility gives students and their families peace of mind.

Lesson Scheduling

Lessons are scheduled at various times throughout the week, including weekends and after-school hours, to accommodate different schedules. We understand the importance of flexibility, and our goal is to make skateboarding education accessible to as many individuals as possible. Check our lesson schedule to find a time slot that works best for you.

Weekdays and Weekends

Lessons available on weekdays and weekends.

After-School Hours

Convenient after-school lesson options.

Flexible Scheduling

Customizable lesson schedules for your convenience.

Choose Your Time

Find the perfect time slot in our lesson schedule.

Accommodating Schedules

Lessons offered at various times to suit your schedule.

Accessible Education

Making skateboarding education available with flexible scheduling.