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Meet Our Expert Instructors

Get to know our exceptional team of expert instructors who are passionate about skateboarding and teaching. Each instructor brings years of experience and a deep understanding of skateboarding techniques.


Personalized Instruction

We believe in the power of personalized instruction. Our instructors take the time to understand your goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. They tailor their teaching approach to match your learning style, ensuring that you receive customized instruction that accelerates your progress and builds a strong foundation in skateboarding.

Positive and Supportive Teaching

Our instructors create a positive and supportive learning environment where you can thrive. They foster a culture of encouragement, motivating you to push your limits and reach new heights in skateboarding. With their patience, understanding, and passion for teaching, our instructors empower you to overcome challenges, build confidence, and achieve your skateboarding goals.

Positive Learning Environment

Our instructors cultivate a positive learning environment where you feel supported and encouraged

Encouragement and Motivation

Our instructors provide constant encouragement

Empowerment to Overcome Challenges

Our instructors empower you to overcome obstacles and challenges that may arise during your skateboarding journey

Building Confidence

With their patient and understanding teaching style, our instructors help build your confidence in skateboarding

Get Matched with an Instructor

When you join Philadelphia Skateboard School, we match you with an instructor who aligns with your goals and aspirations. Each instructor has their own teaching style and specialties, allowing us to find the perfect fit for your needs. You'll benefit from a personalized and engaging learning experience as you work closely with an instructor who understands and supports your skateboarding journey.

Meet the Team

Christian M

I will be a great skate instructor! because I will be as detailed as possible to make them learn new tricks in an effective way. They’re free to ask me anything, I’m nice and friendly and will make their skate lesson fun and productive.

Patrick D

Patrick is a great instructor for beginners of any age! He knows all the mechanics needed to get any beginner on the skateboard and learn the basics immediately!

Julian S

I am a 24-year-old advanced skater from Philadelphia with 17 years of experience in skateboarding, and two years of experience in teaching.

Schane Lawrence

As a child growing up in skateboarding I had great family and friends & we built a Vert ramp at my house, we continued to help people learn all aspects of skating and had jam sessions.

Robert G

Robert did teach skateboarding to teenage boys and novices whom he meets at parks. He teaches them in getting comfortable with their board first, which is a priority for him, that will help them get better down the line.

Gustavo A

Gustavo has given lessons for skateboarding before. He taught first-time friends to ride longboards/skateboards teaching at their pace so that they can understand the fundamentals of skating.

Jason K

I have taught my 11-year-old cousin to skate and had him do manuals by the end of the day. It was his first day ever skating.

Shawn R

I can do most tricks in every stance. I skate stairs, rails, ledges, flat ground, boxes, and ramps. Skateboarding is my passion and love to see the progression.

Victor P

I am an excellent teacher. I gave Tom Grohoiski skateboard lessons at Cherry Hill skatepark. I have always shared my knowledge to anyone how what to learn.

Discover more about each of our talented instructors on their individual profiles. Learn about their skateboarding background, accomplishments, teaching philosophy, and interests. These profiles provide valuable insights to help you choose the instructor who best suits your learning style and goals.

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